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Toprotating Banner Ads here only $8/Week Available: 15-12-15

Toprotating Banner Ads here only $8/Week Available: 15-12-15
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 Paid Sticky Programs
PaidSticky Hyips ($50/Month)
2.3-2.5% Daily for 45 Days
Poker Automatics
0.4-1.3% daily, Share of Profit 40-80%, 30-180 days
Sniping Investment
9% Daily 365 Days, 132%After 1 Day,182-230% Instant
Big Hourly Program
5.5% Hourly 24 Hours, 132% After 1 Day, 182% etc
Swiss Invest Ltd
132% After 1 Day,182% After 2 Days,230% After 3 Days,1.2% Daily 50 Days, 4% Daily 100 days, 25% daily 7 days
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Listing Type Forum Post Total Amount Reinvest
Exclusive 10+Forum post 210$ 200$
Premium 10+Forum post 110 100
Normal 5+Forum post 55$ 50$
Trail 5+Forum post 25$ 20$
For example: Premium Listing >> $100 will be reinvest into your program for the monitoring. and $10 is the listing fee. If the min deposit of your program is higher than $110 you have to spend the min deposit amount + $10.
Step 1 - Choose & Payment
* Listing Options: Exclusive ($210)Premium ($110)Normal ($55)Trial ($25)Waiting Approval ($20)Scam ($0)Closed ($0)
List in Our Paid Sticky HYIPs: + $50 (For Month,no-reinvest)
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